Back to Painting

What a brill summer dudes, but now all spent out and saving for next year’s adventures.  Back working as a painter for the winter, just to raise cash so we can take off again next spring. Perhaps I could get a job painting rides – might be more fun than decorating Mrs Jones’ house!

Meanwhile might as well update the old blog, so here I am again, not long after coming across  Never seen such a dupe site so with its help we’ll be planning a great tour for 2017 – something like the grand tours of the 19th century, but far more fun!


Anyhows, back in May – seems like an age ago – me and George headed off to Magnum XL-200. Boring old name for what turned out to be a pretty brilliant coaster. It’s in Sandusky, Ohio, big old steel roller built way back in the 1980s. Strange how old some of these beasts are. Back when it was built, Magnum was the tallest roller coaster in the world, but Blackpool snatched the record when they opened Pepsi Max Big One (another zippily titled ride – where do they get the names?  Oh wait, could it be something to do with sponsorship and corporate greed??)

The ride is red with white trains and takes so many people – 2,000 so I read – that the wait was only 15 minutes. That’s pretty amazing. So we rode it 5 or 6 times. Love that dude.

Although we went to Cedar Point specially to ride Magnum, it would have been rude not to check out the other rides!  Particularly liked Top Thrill Dragster.


They call Cedar Point the Roller Coaster Capital of the World. It’s a pretty awesome place for us ride fans so me and George spent 8 days just riding and riding.  That kept us going for a couple of months,  before we started getting itchy feet again. We just kinda have that yearning to leave the ground – without being in a plane if you know what I mean.

There’s nothing like the adrenaline you get from riding a little train at 70mph down an impossibly steep hill, turning over, rolling upside down and just hanging on for dear life. They’re pretty safe of course, although Alton Towers has been in for some stick recently after a couple of nasty accidents.

But me and George just keep going back for more. He’s got even less money left than me so he’s on the decorating lark too for the winter. We reckon if we work long hours and live frugally we can save enough to get three trips in next summer. Looking at going to Asia or maybe Australia for a change, so we’ve got to do some research, in between painting walls and fences!

Ho hum – shame we can’t win the lottery and fund a lifetime of travelling the world’s best roller coasters, never having to pick up a paintbrush again!

Dream on!