Montu Ride

Whatsup Dudes.  Montu ride at Busch Gardens was one of my faves growing up. Got the oldies to take me there not long after it opened and at that time Montu was the fastest inverted roller in the world – and the tallest too I think.

Montu ride

Just right for a junkie like me.  That time I musta been around 17 and took my mate Dan along for the ride.  Boy was that some visit to Busch. I reckon we rode that monster coaster 6 times, spent most of the day in line.  But worth every minute.

The oldies thought we’d lost it cos they left us to it and visited all the nice pretty little places and ate good food all day, while we just stood in that line, waiting for our next adrenaline rush.  Weird thing is I’d do it all again right now if I didn’t have so many “responsibilities”.

Montu is awesome, even now, but back then it was out of a different world. That dude turns you upside down, shakes you till you rattle and plunges you straight down and back again. Wow.

It reaches 65mph which doesn’t sound real fast when you compare it to a car, but dude when you’re encased in a little car, thrown around so many bends, up, down, upside down and all around, 65mph may as well be rocket ship speed.

Montu ride 2

You can see from the photo what I mean. Frickin awesome when you’re just 17 and still something of a roller coaster newbie. Hope Busch don’t mind me swiping their photos, but I’m doing a good bit of PR for them right?

Oh yeah, I believe Montu was the first coaster in the world to have an Immelmann loop. Getting a bit geeky there but means it rolls and loops at the same time, just like a fighter jet. Must have been awesome to fly those things, then I guess not so awesome to have other dudes firing at you 🙁

Since those youthful days I’ve been around a bit and found some bad boys that really rock, but I still have a soft spot for Montu and I’ll be taking the kids there one day – soon as the wife lets me.