My first rides

Ok dudes, it’s goin to be kicked out the way, then I’ll never mention it again (well maybe I’ll write about Summit Plummet, but that’s an exception).

Like all you adrenline ride junkies, my love of high rollers probably started with Disney.  Yes really, good ole Disney!

But it’s true. I was about six on that first trip to Disneyland in California. Boy was it fun at that age. Everything seemed adventurous but I just loved Pirates of the Caribean. It’s not exactly a roller coaster, but the imagination behind some of this stuff is real dope.

I guess that primed the pump and got me wanting to go to more parks and I graduated to bigger rides as I got older. I’ve been back a few times though and now my own kids just love Pirates of the Caribean, though Kirsty seems to love It’s a Small World even more – trying to wean her off that girlie stuff!

So Disney whet my apetite. That first time I wasn’t allowed on any roller coasters, but next time we went was a whole different ball game. I was about eight then, getting the spirit of adventure, and determined to go on Space Mountain. My Mom was not happy. But Dad was pretty pleased cos I think he was maybe a closet ride junky too.

I’ll never forget that first time. Standing in line for what seemed like hours inside this dark “mountain”.  Then the train arrived and Dad and me boarded with great exitement.  Wow. It was the most brilliant, yet terrifying thing I’d ever done. I guess the dark made it more fun because you just couldn’t see when a drop was coming. I loved it.

Then I wanted to go again. But the line was so long my Mom wouldn’t let me. She says I sulked for the rest of the day, but she’s probably exaggerating.

space mountain

Next day we were back and this time I was allowed two goes on Space Mountain. I was hooked.  There were a few other coaster rides, but nothing like the excitement of Space Mountain.  I was in love.

And that was the start of my life-long love affair with park rides.

Hoping my kids will inherit my obsession because there are more rides to discover around the world and I need an excuse to ride them!