Back to Painting

What a brill summer dudes, but now all spent out and saving for next year’s adventures.  Back working as a painter for the winter, just to raise cash so we can take off again next spring. Perhaps I could get a job painting rides – might be more fun than decorating Mrs Jones’ house!

Meanwhile might as well update the old blog, so here I am again, not long after coming across  Never seen such a dupe site so with its help we’ll be planning a great tour for 2017 – something like the grand tours of the 19th century, but far more fun!


Anyhows, back in May – seems like an age ago – me and George headed off to Magnum XL-200. Boring old name for what turned out to be a pretty brilliant coaster. It’s in Sandusky, Ohio, big old steel roller built way back in the 1980s. Strange how old some of these beasts are. Continue reading

Alton Towers Prize

Thanks to, I won a prize draw to Alton Towers last year. It was brill – George and I were able to spend a great weekend up in Staffordshire, riding some of the UK’s best roller coasters.

Heavens knows how I even came across the draw. It was probably through Facebook, but I do know the top prize was a week at the Gold Reef City Theme Park in Johannesburg.  Unfortunately I didn’t get that, but it was pretty exciting to be the runner up. Continue reading

The Beast

The Beast – name says it all.

This is one you dudes just have to ride. Perhaps not the scariest coaster I’ve ridden, but it ranks up there as one of the greats.

Think I was about 21 when we went to Kings Island to fThe beastind The Beast. It’s a gigantic wooden coaster with lots of banked turns and tunnels and it just goes on and on.

The ride lasts over 4 minutes and reaches 65mph, which was pretty long and fast when it was built in 1979.  The thing I love is that it covers a huge area of the park – 35 acres I think, so you’re rockin’ and rollin’ over everyone else. It’s frickin awesome. Continue reading

Montu Ride

Whatsup Dudes.  Montu ride at Busch Gardens was one of my faves growing up. Got the oldies to take me there not long after it opened and at that time Montu was the fastest inverted roller in the world – and the tallest too I think.

Montu ride

Just right for a junkie like me.  That time I musta been around 17 and took my mate Dan along for the ride.  Boy was that some visit to Busch. I reckon we rode that monster coaster 6 times, spent most of the day in line.  But worth every minute. Continue reading

My first rides

Ok dudes, it’s goin to be kicked out the way, then I’ll never mention it again (well maybe I’ll write about Summit Plummet, but that’s an exception).

Like all you adrenline ride junkies, my love of high rollers probably started with Disney.  Yes really, good ole Disney!

But it’s true. I was about six on that first trip to Disneyland in California. Boy was it fun at that age. Everything seemed adventurous but I just loved Pirates of the Caribean. It’s not exactly a roller coaster, but the imagination behind some of this stuff is real dope. Continue reading